Trello Status Sidebar

🍎 Before you begin this tutorial, make sure you've completed the Developer Quick Start Guide.

In this tutorial, we'll use the PixieBrix Sidebar to show the Trello Status Page when you're working in Trello. There's a video at the end of the tutorial demonstrating what’s covered in the text.

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1. Add a Sidebar

Open the Page Editor

Start by navigating your browser to Trello. Then, open the PixieBrix Page Editor, and grant PixieBrix access to the page.

Add a Sidebar

Click Add in the top left of the Page Editor and choose Sidebar Panel, and + Create new Sidebar Panel

Go to the Page Editor Sidebar Panel brick that appears and change " side panel" to "Trello Status" in the name and heading fields.

Click Render Panel in the top right of the Page Editor

Note: In the configuration settings for the sidebar, you’ll see Trello is the only site by default, because that’s the page you’re currently on. If you want this sidebar to appear when you’re on other pages besides Trello, click the β€œAll URLs” option to allow for more match patterns.

2. Configure the Sidebar Content

Add an IFrame Brick

In the Render Document Brick, click the three dots in the preview on the right side to show a menu of options, then select the β€œBrick”.

Going back to your Bricks on the left side, Then on the left side, click the "+” button just below the Brick, and above the message β€œNo output produced”.

Next search IFrame and select + Add

Configure the IFrame

Populate the URL field with the Trello Status page URL:

Make the width 100%. You can test the height setting to adjust as you prefer, but start with 1000, which is an average page height.

Your IFrame configuration should look like the image below:

Click Render Panel in the top right of the Page Editor, and then click Save

3. Test the Trello Status Sidebar

Pin the PB icon to your Toolbar

  • You can pin the PixieBrix extension icon to your Google Toolbar to toggle the sidebar

  • Click the puzzle piece icon in the top right of your browser window, and then click the pin icon next to the PixieBrix extension

  • You should now see the PixieBrix extension icon in your Google toolbar, which you can click to toggle the sidebar.

Extras You Can Add

Want to take this to the next level? You can create a Trigger to open the sidebar whenever you go to or a Quick Bar action that opens the Sidebar to this specific panel. The options are endless!

πŸ™‹Need some help with building? Head over to the Slack Community, and we’ll gladly help you!

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