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Release 1.5.4

Released to the Chrome Web Store

✨ Enhancements

  • Add help text for configuring the Chrome shortcut for the Quick Bar (#2569)
  • Support ESC for closing modal forms (#2607)
  • Add partial support for reading tables with multi-row/column cells in the table readers (#2598)
  • Support for including URLs of failed requests in enterprise telemetry (#2697)
  • Support for activating OAuth2 authorization grant flows from the extension. Currently Slack is supported (#2681, #2695, #2547)
  • Show “Ask a Question” buttons on Page Editor empty state (#2654)
  • Warn users using a non-Chrome Chromium Browser (#2674)
  • Immediately detect when Chrome extension context was invalidated (#2660)
  • Page Editor automatically tries to reconnect to the current tab (#2587)
  • Don’t prompt for “scope” configuration on Page Editor first run (#2588)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Options page was opening automatically for non-enterprise users when an update was available (#2650)
  • Never default the service field in Page Editor configuration of HTTP Get/Request bricks (#2694)
  • Could not click on Quick Bar action to trigger it (#2675)
  • Email was not being reported in enterprise error telemetry (#2623)
  • Don’t unnecessarily prompt for access to (#2609)
  • Quick Bar actions were appearing on pages that didn’t match the URL pattern (#2582, #2585)

🧱 New Bricks

  • Slack API V2 via slack/api. Seamlessly connect to your Slack workspace and make APIs calls. slack/incoming-webhook and it’s associated bricks are now deprecated