Creating AARI Requests

AARI, the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface, is a solution for creating business processes with seamless human and bot coordination

With PixieBrix, you can create an AARI Request from any web page. There are two ways to create an AARI request:

  • Create an AARI Request in a new browser tab

  • Create an AARI Request via API

Locating the AARI Process Information

Locating the Process Id

Find the process id of your AARI process:

Locating Field Element Ids

Find the Element Ids of the fields you’d like to populate. In the Automation Anywhere form editor, the Element Id is available in the Properties pane:

Creating an AARI Request in a New Browser Tab

Creating the Request in a New Tab

To create the request, add the Create AARI Request in a New Tab brick from the public marketplace to any mod:

This brick uses an integration definition to retrieve the Control Room URL. It does not make any API calls to the Automation Anywhere / AARI

Pre-filling Request Fields

  1. Add the Set Input Value brick

  2. Set the Target to β€œTarget Tab (target)”. This will tell PixieBrix to run the brick in the context of the opened AARI request tab

    ⚠️ PixieBrix must have access to AARI URLs for your Control Room in order to form fill values on the opened page

  3. For each input you want to pre-fill, add an inputs item:

    • selector: use a CSS attribute begins with selector using the Element Id of the field. For example: [id^="TextBox0-"] input

    • value: the value to provide to the input, can be a literal, variable, or string template

Waiting for the AARI Form to Load

When the AARI page loads, the AARI request form does not always load instantaneously.

To make the form fill more reliable, use the β€œWait for a DOM element” brick to wait for the form to initialize before filling the value:

  1. Set the Target to β€œTarget Tab (target)”

  2. Indicate the selector .case-form for the selector

Creating an AARI Request via API

If you are using Automation Anywhere Community Edition, calling an API will log you out of your Automation Anywhere browser session

Add the Create AARI Request Brick from the PixieBrix Marketplace. Configure the brick Input with the AARI Process Id and Element Ids:

Providing Inputs

Currently the following input types are supported:

  • String

Brick Output

The Create AARI Request Brick returns the id of the new AARI request. The id can be used to fetch the status of the AARI request

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