Troubleshooting Google Integration Errors

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PixieBrix cannot access my Google Account

Possible Causes

  • You did not accept the permissions prompt

  • Your company blocks access to Google Drive from 3rd party applications

  • You are trying to sign into a different Google account than the one you’re signed into on your browser

Steps to Resolve

1. Confirm that PixieBrix has Access to Google

  • Search for PixieBrix

  • Click on the PixieBrix record

  • For using the Google Sheets integration, you should see an entry for: β€œSee, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with the app”

If you do not see this box on the page, you’ll need to Delete all connections with PixieBrix, and then re-authenticate by reactivating a mod and selecting a Google Sheet, which will prompt you to re-authenticate your Google account.

Read more about managing third-party apps here: Google Documentation: Manage third-party apps & services with access to your account

2. Clear Stored Authentication Information

  • Open the Extension Console by clicking the Gear Icon

  • Retry activating the mod you were activating

Using a Different Chrome Profile for Your Other Google Account

There’s a known limitation in Chrome that only one account can be used at a time.

Therefore, to use a different account than the account you’re logged into with Google, create a new profile in Chrome that has the Google account that you want to access with PixieBrix.

If you are seeing an error that says Google is unable to open the file when you try to add a spreadsheet, check that you are not logged into multiple accounts.

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