Release: 1.1.3

Published in Chrome Web Store on 5/4/2021


  • Add a panel to an existing panel foundation in the Page Editor

New Built-in Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/form renderer brick that shows a form with data stored locally within your browser

  • @pixiebrix/encode/btoa brick for encoding a string in Base64 (e.g., for including in a URL)

  • @pixiebrix/encode/atob and decoding a Base64 string (e.g., parsed from a URL)

New/Notable Marketplace Bricks

  • gridis/document renderer to embed a GRID document in a page


  • Menu lifecycle bug fixes: 1) only run menu items for which the container selector still applies, 2) fix bug where menu containers were being acquired multiple times, causing performance problems, 3) cancel condition calculation on navigation event

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