PixieBrix Browser Extension 2.0.0 Migration Guide

We're excited to announce the upcoming PixieBrix Browser Extension 2.0.0 release! The release will be published to the Chrome Web Store in May 2024.

  • Migrates the PixieBrix Browser Extension to use Web Extensions Manifest V3, which brings additional web extension performance and security guarantees

  • The PixieBrix Sidebar now uses the Chromium Side Panel, which is separate from the host page

  • Official Microsoft Edge Add-ons listing to simplify distribution

Upgrading to PixieBrix Browser Extension 2.0.0

  • No special steps are required when the PixieBrix Browser Extension 2.0.0 is published to the Chrome Web Store, your browser extension will automatically upgrade

Testing the Upcoming 2.0.0 Release

The PixieBrix BETA channel extension is a different extension listing as the main PixieBrix extension. Running both at the same time will cause the extensions to malfunction.

Mods and Local Integrations manually configured in the main PixieBrix extension will not transfer to the PixieBrix BETA extension. You will need to re-activate any mods for use in the PixieBrix BETA extension. Team Deployments will automatically activate as normal.

Enterprise: Allowlisting the BETA channel extension

If you are an enterprise-managed device, you may need to have your IT team allowlist the PixieBrix BETA channel extension. The PixieBrix BETA channel extension id is:


See Browser Extension Installation Policy for more information on allowlisting the extension.

Enterprise: Allowlisting the BETA OAuth2 PKCE redirect URL

If you are using a custom OAuth2 PKCE integration with PixieBrix, you will need to update the Redirect URLs for your OAuth2 integration to support the BETA channel extension id redirect URL:


See Advanced: Custom Integrations for more information on configuring OAuth2 PKCE integrations.

System Requirements

  • PixieBrix officially supports the last two major version of Chrome (Chrome 124 and 125). Supporting the last two versions ensures the PixieBrix extension has access to the latest security and bug patches.

  • Unofficially, the PixieBrix 2.0.0 release may work on Chrome 116 and later. Chrome 116 contains all of the required web extension APIs. However, we do not test PixieBrix on old versions of Chrome and there may be bugs and/or performance problems.

PixieBrix Extension User Experience Changes

  • The PixieBrix Sidebar uses the Chromium Side Panel:

  • The PixieBrix Sidebar requires a user gesture to open (e.g., button click):

    • The user gesture requirement is a Chromium Side Panel policy

    • If there is a delay between a user gesture and opening the sidebar (e.g., an API call), PixieBrix will display a dialog prompting the user to click to open the sidebar

PixieBrix Mod Developer User Experience Changes

PixieBrix Extension Internal Changes

  • All text templates are now evaluated in a sandbox iframe. Previously, you had to toggle on sandboxed template evaluation in the Extension Console > Settings page.

    • Sandboxing should not impact mod behavior. However, you should verify your mods continue to work. In rare cases, a host page may interfere with the sandbox iframe

Reporting Bugs

To report bugs or performance issues, contact [email protected], or post a message in the Community Slack

Known Issues

For an up-to-date list of known issues impacting Chromium MV3 and Microsoft Edge support, use the following GitHub reports:

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