Find board and list IDs in Trello

Finding a board ID

You’ll need to specify a Trello board for some mods and bricks. To do this, you will need to provide the board ID.

To find the board ID, go to that Trello board in your browser, and add .json to the end of the URL.

⚑ Your URL should look something like this.


From there, you’ll see your Trello board disappear and a giant JSON object appears on the screen (aka, a lot of text).

The board ID is the very first value you see. Copy the content inside quotes just after "id": and that’s your Trello board’s ID.

⚑ Your board ID should look like this 62f6d52e7ea8d3818257bcaa

Finding a list ID

To find a list ID, you’ll follow the same process as obtaining a board ID. You’ll need to add .json to the end of your board’s URL.

Once your board turns into a JSON object, use CMD/Ctrl + F to search the page for the name of the list you’re looking for the ID of. Once you see it appear, look for the "id": field just before the name, and the value inside the quotes is the List ID.

Prefer to watch instead? Here’s a video explaining the above.

If you get stuck or need help, reach out in the PixieBrix Slack Community and we’ll help you out!

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