Bricks for Scraping Data

When building automations with PixieBrix, you'll often want to scrape information from a webpage. This could be as simple as pulling the current page's title or URL, or as complex as scraping a consistent field scraped from multiple pages, like the price of an Airbnb listing, a Salesforce case number, or something else entirely.

Scrape Page Metadata

If you want some metadata about the current page, you can always access that out of the box wherever you trigger a mod.

For instance, you can see in our newly added Quick Bar Action brick we have a Preview panel on the right side with an object called @input. Click the caret icon () before that, and you'll see everything you have access to.

Click the copy icon next to a field, and it will copy the path to your clipboard, allowing you to reference it later in other bricks!

Scrape data from elements on the page

If you want to scrape information from elements that are on the page, you'll need to use our Extract from Page brick.

With this brick, you'll be able to read data associated with any specific elements on the page, you just need to pass it through the right jQuery selectors, and PixieBrix can even help you with that!

🚨Pro tip: PixieBrix can often guess the right selector, but sometimes it can't. You might need to use the Elements tab of your Chrome Dev tools to comb through an element and find the best class that works consistently across multiple pages. For more information, read this article or watch this video.

Beta ✨ Scrape data from the page using AI

If you're unsure how to pick selectors, we've got another brick you can use. With the Extract from Page using AI brick, you can pass a section of a page to ChatGPT and ask it to find the right property for you rather than figure it out yourself.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before trying this out.

1) You can't pass on the whole body of a page or extremely large containers. It's too much data for ChatGPT to handle in one request. Try selecting the smallest element you can.

2) Click Add Item in the Properties field and then type the property you're searching for and see if AI can find it for you, like this!

If you're interested in learning more, read the docs for the Extract from Page with AI brick.

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