Release 2.0.2

Release 2.0.2 was published to the Chrome Web Store on June 11, 2024

🎨 User Experience

  • Improved the warning message displayed when a problem occurs during partner OAuth login (#8239)

  • Removed confusing input options during mod activation (#8519)

  • Added toggle to run a mod only in the top level frame (#8327)

  • Display an error with a detailed message when something goes wrong launching the auth flow from the Login Banner (#8247)

  • The FAB now toggles the sidebar instead of opening the quickbar (#8548)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Automation Anywhere logo was not applied in the Chrome toolbar when the partner setting is set (#8524)

  • Added additional checks to prevent Starter Brick duplication on mod save in the Page Editor (#8533)

  • Fixed issue where checkboxes overlapped the loading overlay in the sidebar (#8554)

🧱 Updated Bricks

  • Add a error-once and never report modes for trigger mod components

    • error-once: Errors are reported once per mod compoenent per page.

    • never: Never reports events.

🔒 Security

  • Restrict Sidebar Activation nextUrls to PixieBrix domains (#8558)

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