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To use Airtable with PixieBrix, you’ll need to set up an integration.

Getting an Airtable API key or token

Airtable API keys will be deprecated in January 2024, at which time you’ll need to use tokens with restricted scopes to access. Updated documentation will come at that time if it impacts your usage with PixieBrix.
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    Click to access your API key (you’ll need to confirm your email if you haven’t already).
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    Copy the key value.

Finding Airtable Base Id

Your “base” is your board the holds the data. To find your baseId, go to the base or project in Airtable.
When on a base, you can find the ID in the URL. It’s the first string that comes between the / and starts with app.
Copy the whole string, everything between and the next /

Configuring an Airtable Integration in PixieBrix

To set up a cloud integration that your team can access, head to the Admin Console. (If you'd rather set up something locally, use the Extension Console. Learn more about Configuring Integrations.)
From the Integrations section in the Admin or Extension Console, click the + Add Integration button in the top right corner.
Search for and select the Airtable integration.
Name your configuration something clear to you.
Paste the apiKey you retrieved from Airtable, as well as the baseId.
Click Save, and your integration will be ready for use in any Airtable mods.