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Developer Concepts

If you've read about the Platform Overview and got a chance to Building Your First Mod but want to learn more, explore these Developer Concepts to learn design patterns and best practices for accomplish what you need with PixieBrix.
  • Text Template Guide: useful for referencing variables in text or running nunjucks templates to perform functions throughout your mod
  • Types of Mods: essential for understanding options for triggering a mod and best practices for configuring triggers effectively
  • Using Bricks: bricks are the building blocks of PixieBrix and this section helps you understand how to best work with them
  • Data Context: mods store contextual data and produce data throughout the mod run that you can access and store
  • User Input: learn about collecting information and verifying data with users as they run your mods
  • Working With APIs: useful for interacting with other tools for your automation
  • Control Flow: create multiple paths of execution based on outcomes from previous bricks
  • Transforming Data: modify from bricks to get information in the format you need
  • Building interfaces: style modals and sidebar panels for interacting with users during automation and displaying responses