Installing the PixieBrix Chrome Browser Extension

Before You Begin

You need two things to get started:

  1. A Google or Microsoft Account, or an email address: you register with PixieBrix using either Google or Microsoft account, or email

  2. Google Chrome Web Browser: PixieBrix installs as a Chrome Browser Extension

πŸ“Ί Prefer a video? Watch this walkthrough.

Step 1: Create a free PixieBrix Account

To create a PixieBrix account, visit

PixieBrix will show you a registration/sign in page.

Click Connect with Google or Microsoft, or use an email address.

Google/Microsoft will show you an account chooser. Select the account you want to use with PixieBrix and complete the login.

If you selected email, check your inbox for a magic link.

Step 2: Install the PixieBrix Chrome Browser Extension

After you register an account, PixieBrix will prompt you to visit the Chrome Web Store. Click Open Chrome Web Store.

On the Chrome Web Store listing, click Add to Chrome.

Add the PixieBrix Browser Extension from the Chrome Web Store

Chrome will prompt you to confirm the installation. Click β€œAdd Extension”.

Click Add Extension to confirm adding PixieBrix to your Chrome Browser extension

πŸ” Chrome’s permission prompt is misleading. By default, PixieBrix can only read data *on websites you grant access to*.

Chrome shows this message because PixieBrix can add actions and enhancements to any website, but only ones you set it to!

When you click β€œAdd extension”, Chrome will download the PixieBrix browser extension. Depending on your internet connection speed, the download may take 5 seconds - 1 minute to download.

Once Chrome has downloaded the PixieBrix Browser Extension, PixieBrix will automatically complete initialization.

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