Embedding the Automation Co-Pilot

Embedding the Automation Anywhere Co-Pilot on any page

Adding the Automation Co-Pilot to the Sidebar

To add the Automation Anywhere Co-Pilot to the Sidebar:

  1. Add a Sidebar Panel starter brick. Configure which sites the Sidebar Panel will appear on

  2. Remove the default Document Renderer

  3. Click the "plus" and add the IFrame brick

  4. Configure the IFrame brick:

    1. Set the URL field to the Co-Pilot Widget URL

    2. Set the height and width to 100%

    3. If you will be mapping data to the process (see below) set the Name field to aari-embedded-app

See the Automation Anywhere's Automation Co-Pilot using embedded widget overview documentation for more configuration options

Passing information to an Automation Co-Pilot Process

To pass information to a Automation Co-Pilot widget embedded in the sidebar:

Ensure that the IFrame has the name aari-embedded-app, otherwise the Co-Pilot's cross-frame messaging will not function.

  1. Ensure the "Name" of the IFrame field of the iframe is set to aari-embedded-app

  2. Add a Trigger Starter brick for Page Load / Navigation

  3. Add the Map Automation Anywhere Co-Pilot Data brick

  4. Configure the Map Automation Anywhere Co-Pilot Data brick to map data to a Co-Pilot process

For more information on mapping values, refer to the Automation Anywhere documentation: Map host data to Automation Co-Pilot forms

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