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Release: 0.2.2

Released in the Chrome Web Store on 3/4/2021


  • Page Editor: add support chat and link to schedule support call
  • Templates: the PixieBrix support team can now share templates directly with you
  • Integrations:
    • Google Sheets: you can now pick a sheet from the "Integrations" page in the extension. This opens the door for selecting a sheet during template activation
  • Menu Items:
    • Adds dynamicCaption directive for controlling whether caption can depend on reader data. Default is false, which means faster menu rendering unless a dynamic caption is required
  • Readers:
    • Adds an optional directive. If set, if the reader is not available on the page it will return a blank object instead of throwing an error
  • New Bricks:
    • @pixiebrix/identity: a transform that returns its input. Useful for using input templating to produce a result
    • @pixiebrix/document-semantic: a reader that returns the semantic web data (JSON-LD, microdata, etc. from the page