Bricks for AI

With so many use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) these days, you'll likely want to incorporate AI in your mod. We have a couple bricks you can use to do that.

Chat with ChatGPT

To interact with OpenAI in PixieBrix, you can use the Create Chat Response with ChatGPT brick.

The most important settings are:

  • OpenAI Configuration: use our built-in one, or add your own OpenAI integration

  • Model: select from a model, including gpt-4.0

  • Messages: define system and user prompts

Below that are additional settings you can change, but you can typically use the defaults unless you need to change something.

Learn more by reading the Create Chat Responses with ChatGPT brick docs.

Few Shot Prompting with ChatGPT

If you're trying to do something very specific and want to train your brick, use the Few Shot Prompt brick to provide examples of expected output from your provided inputs.

Learn more in the Few Shot Prompt brick docs.

Chat with PaLM

We also have a few bricks for working with PaLM, Google's LLM.

Custom AI models

If you'd like to work with a model that we don't already have a brick for, you can use the HTTP Request brick to integrate with any model that has an API.

Learn more about creating integrations and working with APIs in PixieBrix.

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