To use Salesforce with PixieBrix, you’ll need to set up an integration.

Create an OAuth2 App in Salesforce

Follow the Enable OAuth Settings for API Integration in the Salesforce documentation. Some notes:

Create a Salesforce Integration in PixieBrix

To set up a cloud integration that your team can access, head to the Admin Console. If you'd rather set up something locally, use the Extension Console. Learn more in Configuring Integrations.

From the Integrations section in the Admin or Extension Console, click the + Add Integration button in the top right corner.

Search for and select one of the following Salesforce integrations:

Name your configuration something clear to you and fill out the rest of the form with values provided when registering your Salesforce application. Some notes:

To access the consumer key, from the App Manager, find the connected app, and select View from the dropdown. Then click Manage Consumer Details. You’re sometimes prompted to verify your identity before you can view the consumer key.

Click Save, and your integration will be ready for use in any Salesforce mods and bricks. Notable bricks include:

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