Mod Developer

Mod Developer Quick Start Guide

If you're interested in building automation with PixieBrix, you'll need to follow the path below to set yourself up for success.

Your to-do list!

Didn't find the use case you were looking for in the templates? Plenty of developers build their own custom mods by either Customizing Existing Mods or starting from scratch. Explore the Developer Conceptsto get familiar with everything you need to know about building with PixieBrix.

Key terms

  • Mod: a series of bricks that together perform a specific action, such as sending an email from a LinkedIn page, or creating a card in Trello from highlighted text

  • Mod Package: a mod that’s been packaged for sharing and deployment; it has a unique name and version

  • Brick: the building blocks of mods; you can think of a brick as a specific function. You make mods by chaining bricks together

  • Page Editor: the graphical user interface for building and editing mods in PixieBrix. Accessed via Chrome Dev Tools.

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