Release 1.8.9

Released to the Chrome Web Store on February 20, 2024

✨ Enhancements

  • Markdown support has been updated to utilize the latest CommonMark spec. This may impact how certain edge cases are rendered. (#7524)

  • When a user is prompted to authenticate with PixieBrix from a restricted URL, they are redirected back to the restricted URL after authenticating (#7624)

  • Add disableLoginTab option to managed storage to disable automatically opening the login tab unless the user navigates to a URL the organization has restricted (#7619)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where users were not automatically redirected from restricted URLs after clearing the PixieBrix token (#7552)

  • Selecting one of multiple forms in a render document no longer selects all of them (#7019)

  • Fixed a bug where PixieBrix showed an error toast when the last context was removed from a Context Menu starter brick (#7100)

  • Fixed a bug during mod activation in the sidebar where a blank panel was shown if there were no other panels (#7542)

  • Fixed bug where the managed policy wasn't taking effect on browser profile startup (such as opening Chrome after logging into a VDI) (#7618)

  • Fixed bug where the Set Input Value brick cleared the whole page in DraftJS editors (#7630)

🎨 User Experience

  • Improved responsiveness of form and field labels to improve usability of the Page Editor on smaller screens (#7464, #7558)

  • Improved loading time of the Extension Console (#7487)

  • Improved the "Context Invalidated" experience in the Page Editor (#7599)

  • When updating or disabling the Extension, unused starter bricks are removed immediately (#4258)

  • Iframes are updated from the Page Editor without a full page reload (#6648)

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