Release: 1.1.4

Published to Chrome Web Store on 5/19/2021


  • Automatic Deployments SDLC (Enterprise-Only):

    • See which version of automated deployments each user has installed

    • See which version of PixieBrix each deployment user has installed

    • Automatically update deployment if no extra permissions required

  • Show notification message if page (i.e., content script) lost connection to PixieBrix extension

  • Show banner on extension page if an update to the extension is available

Under the Hood

  • Error telemetry improvements:

    • Split business vs. application error hierarchy

    • Don't report benign "errors", e.g., "ResizeObserver - loop limit exceeded"

    • Enterprise: include email in enterprise accounts not on the primary domain

  • Salesforce Service Console: we're experimenting with an abstraction for handling more complicated page navigations. (Fixes a problem where when opening a tab from the search box, PixieBrix modifies the current active tab, not the newly loaded active tab)

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