Troubleshooting Buttons

If PixieBrix doesn't find the right button, you have a few options

You can try the more advanced route of trying to select a CSS selector by hand. This however requires you to be able to somehow place a button anywhere on the page, even if it’s not in your desired location. Then to change the button placement, you will have to tweak the Location (under the button’s configuration) and the Template (under Advanced)

Sometimes however none of this works, that’s when we suggest to simply try another starter brick as mentioned above, either a Quick Bar or a Context Menu

Troubleshooting Buttons

Here are some things you can try if you have problems adding buttons.

Option 1: While placing a button, press the Shift key

Try clicking around in different areas of the page while holding down the Shift key. To see this in action, watch the Advance Button Placement and Alternatives video.

Option 2: Use the CSS Selector manually

You can also try using the CSS selector manually. First, place the button anywhere on the page, even if it’s not your desired location. Then, you may tweak the CSS in the Location field and the code in the Template **field.

Option 3: Use a different extension

If all else fails, you can use a Context Menu or a Quick Bar instead of a button. The look will be different, but the functionality will be the same.

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