Package Management APIs

For a complete list of package management API endpoints, see OpenAPI Specification

List Team Packages

Use the GET /api/organizations/:organizationId/bricks/ endpoint to list all packages visible to your team.

List Package Version History

Use the GET /api/bricks/:id/versions/ endpoint to list versions of a package (mod, brick, integration definition, etc.).


  • :id refers to the surrogate UUID for the package, not the registry id. You can locate the UUID via the endpoint to List Team Packages

  • The response does NOT include the package config, use Get Package Config to fetch that

Get Package Config

Use the GET /api/registry/bricks/:registryId/ endpoint to get a package and its config.

The endpoint will return the latest version of the package. To get a specific version, use the version=<x.y.z> query param. Use List Package Version History to see all versions of a given package.

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