When to Use Control Flow Bricks

The following table describes scenarios where you might use each type of control flow brick:

ScenarioControl Flow Brick

You need to run multiple bricks if a condition is met


You need to run one brick(s) if a condition is met, and a different brick(s) if the condition is not met


You are calling an API that sometimes fails


You want to wait for a condition to be met. For example: an API results to change


In the Retry body, add a "Cancel Current Action" that runs if the condition has not been met yet (See Exceptions/Errors below)

You want to wait for an element to appear on the page

N/A - use the Wait for a DOM element brick

Trick question! The Wait for a DOM element brick has better performance because it can use native browser APIs to detect new elements

You want to show a custom error message/instructions to the user if a brick fails


Leave the catch branch blank

You want to ignore an error code when calling an API


Leave the catch branch blank

You want to perform an action for each item in a list of items returned from an API


By default an element key is made available to the body You can customize the name of the key provided to the body

You want to preform an action for each element currently on the page that matches a selector

For-Each Element

Current the Page Editor does not support selecting multiple elements. You must manually tweak the automatically generated selector to match multiple elements

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