✅Release 1.4.0

Released in the Chrome Web Store on 10/3/2021

ℹī¸ This release is the first Chrome Web Store release with the content from đŸšĢRelease 1.3.2

✨ Enhancements

  • apiVersion: v2 of the Brick definition manifest. In v2, data only flows between bricks via outputKeys. For backward compatibility, bricks without an apiVersion directive default to the v1 behavior

  • Enterprise: add support for a extensionVersion directive in the metadata section of blueprints. The directive accepts a range expression, e.g., >=1.4.0 to require browser extension version 1.4.0 or later

  • Enterprise: ability to pause deployments from the Admin console; ability to restrict brick installs/uninstalls by restricted team members. See Managing Deployments

  • Add support for rootMode directive in block configurations to control whether to inherit the root element, or to use the document as the root

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with OAuth2- and token-based authentication in clean PixieBrix installs

  • Clean up unused integration dependency declaration when switching service auths or removing a brick in the Page Editor

  • Enterprise: deployment metadata wasn't being captured for trigger and panel extension point telemetry

  • Remove unused system notifications from optional permissions in manifest

🎨 UI Improvements

  • Brick selection UI style; select a brick with a single click if you already know what you're looking for

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