Creating a Campaign

To create a Campaign, click the Create Campaign button.

Provide a unique Campaign name, and click to upload CSV file containing the list of members in the campaign. The upload CSV file must have the following columns:

  • Email: the members email address

You can optionally provide additional custom columns for reporting. For example:

  • Office: the site/location of the team member

  • Organization Unit: the business unit of the team member

Updating a Campaign

The uploaded list of members replaces the current members of the campaign

To update the members associated with the campaign, click the β€œEdit Campaign” button on the Campaign Detail page:

The upload CSV format has the same structure for campaign creations.

In order to facilitate re-upload of a member list generated via β€œExport” (see Campaign Details below), the following columns in the upload file are ignored:

  • Status

  • Date Joined

  • Extension Version

  • Last Seen

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