Release: 1.0.1

Published to the Chrome Web Store on 3/25/2021


  • The @pixiebrix/http brick now works with relative URLs to support services with parameterized base URLs

  • The new @pixiebrix/form-modal brick can be used to show a form as a modal. The form is defined using JSON Schema and uiSchema, (currently YAML-only)

  • Menu Items:

    • Experimental: menu items now support an if: directive which takes a brick/array of bricks to determine whether or not the menu item should be rendered (currently YAML-only)

    • Experimental: menu items now support an dependencies: directive which takes an array of selectors to watch for changes to re-render the menu item (include the if directive mentioned above), (currently YAML-only)

  • UiPath:

    • The @pixiebrix/uipath/add-queue-item brick supports adding items to a queue via the Orchestrator API

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