As with any type of development, sometimes your mod won't work the way you expect and you'll need to debug to figure out how to make it work as desired.

This page has some helpful tips for troubleshooting, and we'll be adding more so feel free to bookmark this page.

If you can't find the answer you need here, feel free to message us with the live chat in the bottom left, or post in the PixieBrix Slack Community.

Determining Which Brick Is Failing

When you run an action or enhancement from the Page Editor, the Brick Overview Panel will show the status of each brick:

  • Green Check: the brick succeeded

  • Red Exclamation Mark: the brick raised an error

  • Grey Dash: the brick was skipped due to a condition

  • Blue Clock: the brick is currently running

Insufficient Browser Permissions

I am seeing this error β€œInsufficient browser permissions to make request. Specify an integration to access the API or add an Extra Permissions rule to the mod (previously referred to as extension.” How can I fix it?

Answer: Navigate to the first brick in your mod. If you scroll down the configuration panel, you will find a blue button that says: Extra Permissions

Extra Permissions just records that PixieBrix needs permissions to make calls to the API provider even though the mod is not running on that page

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