Mod Listing Panel

The first panel in the Page Editor lists your available mods. This is called the Mod Panel.

What is a Mod?

A mod is a grouping of one or more actions and enhancements that can run on a web page. Mods are created by combining any number of mix-and-match steps called ✨ Bricks ✨.

Mods Panel Layout

At the top of the Mods Panel, there are three buttons:

  • Home Button: clicking the home button takes you to the Page Editor welcome message, showing helpful links and resources

  • Add Button: This is where it all begins! Clicking Add shows the starter bricks you can select for Types of Mods.

  • Collapse/Expand Button: click to collapse the Mods Panel. You can re-expand the panel by clicking the button again.

Each mod listed has the following information and actions:

  • Icon: indicates the type of starter brick

  • Name: the name of the mod or mod package

  • Save Indicator/Button: click the button to save changes. The button will only be enabled if there are unsaved changes

  • Action Menu (three dots menu): a dropdown menu with the following actions:

    • Reset: resets any unsaved changes

    • Remove: remove a mod from your device. The mod will still be available from your PixieBrix account

    • Add to Mod: add the action/enhancement to a new or existing mod

    • Remove from Mod: remove an action/enhancement from a mod

    • Make a Copy: create a copy of the mod

Search For a Mod

Mods are sorted alphabetically in the mod panel. Use the search bar below the Add button to search for the name of a mod instead of scrolling through your list.

If you want a mod to always appear at the top of the list, start the mod name with A or a symbol like [.

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