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Browser Extension Installation and Configuration

Web Browser Support

PixieBrix officially supports the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (official support is currently Enterprise-only)
PixieBrix, by and large, works on any Chromium-based browser. If you have questions or need official support, please contact [email protected].

Browser Extension Distribution Scenarios

There are two approaches to distributing the PixieBrix Browser Extension:
  • Scenario #1: Self-Serve Installation from Chrome Web Store. Add the PixieBrix extension to Chrome's “Allow List” so that each team member can individually install the PixieBrix browser extension. Your team members will follow the instructions at Installing the PixieBrix Chrome Browser Extension
  • Scenario #2: Automatic Installation. Add PixieBrix to Chrome's list of "Force Install" extensions to have Chrome automatically install the browser extension on team members' browsers. Your team members will follow the instructions at Linking Your PixieBrix Account.
  • Scenario #3: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. If you use a VDI, such as Citrix, refer to the Automatic Installation instructions

PixieBrix Browser Extension Details

To ensure your users install the correct extension, we recommend having them install it via or using your browser’s enterprise "Force install" functionality. Manual install instructions are available in the Installing the PixieBrix Chrome Browser Extension docs.

Browser Vendor Enterprise Management Documentation

Google Chrome

Refer to the Google documentation for how your organization manages access to Chrome Browser Extensions:

Microsoft Edge

To force install PixieBrix in Microsoft Edge, the browser must be managed by the organization
Refer to the Microsoft documentation on managing access to the Edge Browser Extensions