Data Panel

The data panel shows the input/output for specific bricks.

The right-most panel in the Page Editor is the Data Panel. As the name suggests, the Data Panel displays information about a brick's inputs and output data.

The Render Tab of the data panel displaying inputs passed to the Window Alert Brick

The Data Panel has 4 tabs:

  • Context: the input context available to this brick. All of the variables available to the brick from the previous bricks and mod options

  • Rendered: the values that were passed into the brick on the last run.

    • Here, β€œRendered” refers to filling the context into text templates

  • Output: the output of the brick on the last run

  • Preview:

    • General: shows a preview of the bricks output, using the input context from the last run, and the current configuration. PixieBrix updates this tab in real time as you update the brick configuration

      ℹ️ Pro-tip: the preview panel is extremely valuable when using the Regex and JQ bricks to transform data

    • When configuring the Show a modal or sidebar form brick, the preview displays the form outline

    • When configuring the Render Document brick, the preview displays the document preview

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