Configure Trello integration

To use Trello bricks in your mods, such as creating a new card in Trello, you’ll need to set up a few things. Start with your integration, and then consult the mod activation or brick field values to determine what else you need.

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Configuring a Trello integration in PixieBrix

  1. You can do this from a couple of different places.

    To set up a cloud integration that your team can access, head to the Admin Console. (If you'd rather set up something locally, use the Extension Console. Learn more about Configuring Integrations.)

    From the Integrations section in the Admin or Extension Console, click the + Add Integration button in the top right corner.

    Search for and select the Trello integration.

  2. You’ll see a modal like this appear.

  3. Name the integration anything you’d like in the label field.

  4. Get your Trello API key by going to the Power Up Admin Portal. Click the blue New button in the top right corner.

  5. You’ll need to fill out some information about the integration you’re setting up. Don’t worry about picking the workspace, because in another step, we’ll use your token which lets you access all the workspaces you have access to.

    You do NOT need to fill out the iframe connector URL field, but you will need to fill out the others. You can use your own email address for the email and Support contact fields.

  6. From there you’ll be directed to a page where you need to click Generate a new API key. Once you do that, your new key will be available.

    Click the copy button next to the API key field, and then paste that into apiKey field in the PixieBrix integration modal.

  7. One more step! We need to generate the token. You'll see a link to generate a Token to the right of the API key field in Trello. Click that.

You’ll go to a page that asks you to give your Trello account access to the application.

πŸ€– If you’d prefer, now that you have your API key, you can also construct a URL to take to you to this page. Use this format{{apiKey}}&name=PixieBrix&scope=read,write&expiration=never&response_type=token

You do NOT need to do this if you clicked the Token link.

Paste the new URL with your token in Chrome and you’ll be directed to a Trello authentication page where you’ll approve PixieBrix to use your personal key.

Scroll the bottom and click Allow.

Trello will direct you to a new page with another string of letters, and numbers. Copy that and paste that into the apiToken field in PixieBrix.

  1. Select Save in the PixieBrix console after you’ve put in your Key and Token, and you’re all set to use any Trello mods!

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