Release 1.2.11

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Google file picker shows a blank screen (#1048)

  • Brick logger.debug calls not flowing through to logs (To see debug logs, toggle "Log Values" in the Developer Settings) (#1145)

  • Selector error when saving/creating page load trigger from the Page Editor (#1172)

  • Can't install bricks from the marketplace that have a period in the id (#1181)

  • Duplicate context menu entries were sometimes being created in Chrome and the Page Editor (#1169)

  • New configurations created in marketplace activation wizard weren't immediately available for use (#1047)

  • You had to restart the extension to see changes to service definitions made in the workshop (#1171)

✨ Enhancements

  • Personal extensions are automatically synced to your PixieBrix account. You can delete synced extensions from the Active Bricks page (#1150)

🎨 User Experience

  • Improve onboarding redirect sequence (#1028)

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