Release: 1.1.1

Published to the Chrome Web Store on 4/20/2021


  • Brick notifications:

    • Ability to show a notification while a step is running

    • Menu Item Extension Point: ability to configure success, cancellation, and error messages

  • Integration Improvements:

  • Workshop improvements:

    • Improved brick listing

    • Log and reference tabs in brick editor

  • Automatic deployments:

    • If an automatic deployment is installed, PixieBrix will check for new deployments and open the options page when a new update is available

    • Ability to send report errors from deployed bricks to organization


  • Ensure URLs defined in service (e.g., base URL for service) is requested when activating from the marketplace

  • Support OAuth2 token endpoints that return data in application/x-www-form-urlencoded (e.g., the Github OAuth endpoint)

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