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Release 1.5.1

Published to the Chrome Web Store on 1.5.1

✨ Enhancements

  • Make the highlight brick root-aware (#2422)
  • Add “Share” menu item to blueprints on the Active Bricks page to copy an activation link (#2379)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Confusing error if Text or Variable field left blank (#2427)
  • Fix automatic migration from v2 to v3 of Append to Google Sheet and some other bricks (#2461)
  • Database dropdown not loading in Page Editor if you have have access to a lot of databases (#2421)
  • Unsupported Value Error when pasting into an optional selector field (#2433)
  • Fix error when running Close Brick on target tab (#2424)
  • Fix issue where traces/logs weren’t loading or were loading slowly in the Page Editor (#2383)
  • Fix error adding iframe in document builder (#2418)
  • Hide the runtime version dropdown from non-developers (#2451)

🎨 User Interface

  • UI improvements to the convert/share as blueprint modal (#2378)
  • Improve modal sizing and positioning (#2423)
  • Mark extensions that have been automatically migrated from v2 to v3 as unsaved (#2315)

🧱 New Bricks

  • A Table Reader brick @pixiebrix/table-reader to extract data automatically from a table on the page (#2380)