Release: 1.1.6

Published in the Chrome Web Store on on 6/8/2021


  • Workshop:

    • Add "Export Blueprint" button on active brick configuration page

    • When an integration is added, defaults the key and credential (matching behavior in the Page Editor)

  • Page Editor: Add ability to attach a button to an existing menu item foundation in the page editor

  • Brick Configuration:

    • Blueprints: support for exposing options in a blueprint that the user can configure when activating from the marketplace

    • Integrations: support baseURL option in key-based authentication

  • Infrastructure: we've cleaned up some stuff under the hood to help us make releases faster!

Notable New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/template : a transform for filling in template with the context. Useful for working with the new blueprint options feature

  • @pixiebrix/hide: hide or remove elements from the page

  • Bricks for working with Automation Anywhere and AARI:

    • @pixiebrix/automation-anywhere/aari-request-create

    • @pixiebrix/automation-anywhere/aari-request-new

    • @pixiebrix/automation-anywhere/aari-requests-list

    • @pixiebrix/automation-anywhere/aari-tasks-list

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