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Release 1.8.0

Release 1.8.0 was released to the Chrome Web Store on October 12, 2023
⚛️ The 1.8.0 release introduces the Google Drive integration, replacing the older Google Sheet Picker for accessing Google Sheets in mods.
For details, consult our guide: Creating a Google Drive Integration​
Mod developers using Google Sheets in versions before 1.8.0 can transition with our guide: Migrating from Google Sheet to Google Drive Integration​

✨ Enhancements

  • Updated the theme for the JSON tree in the Data Panel section of the Page Editor to improve the contrast (#6448)
  • Improved error messages listed in the Mod Telemetry section of the Admin Console (#6405)
  • Smoothly handle errors with the Google Sign-in flow when using the new Google Drive integration (#6530)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Adds animations to smooth out issue where the input suddenly shifted while editing a field in the Page Editor due to input validation displaying an error annotation (#6395)
  • Fixed an issue where input validation for locating a Google Sheet by mod variable incorrectly displayed an error (#6530)
  • Activating a mod with an optional Google Sheet configuration no longer show a blank spreadsheet dropdown when used with the new Google Drive integration (#6533)
  • Removed the “Additional Permissions” section from the Extension Console as it no longer served a purpose (#6547)
  • Selecting a value in the (experimental) Variable Popover closes with the correct nunjucks tags (#6454)
  • Fixed an issue in the sidebar where a dropdown that opened the menu upwards did not properly overlap the sidebar tabs (#6493)
  • Fixes issue where the background color of the quickbar container could be overridden by page css (#6605)
  • Refreshes partner tokens every 10 hours to avoid 24 hour expiration (#6603)
  • Fixes issue where Google Sheet tab names were cleared from Google bricks when choosing a Google PKCE configuration (#6531)

🧱 New/Updated Bricks

  • Text color for text returned from the Render Document brick is now black instead of green (#6539)