Running local bots via UiPath Assistant

Running local bots via UiPath Assistant

By integrating PixieBrix with UiPath Assistant, you can trigger local automation processes directly from the web browser. You can even pass information from the page as input arguments to the process.

Install UiPath Assistant

Install UiPath Assistant on your computer. See the UiPath documentation for installation instructions.

Configure a UiPath Assistant brick

Add the "Run local UiPath process" brick

In the Page Editor, add the "Run local UiPath process" brick

You browser will prompt you to Open UiPath assistant, originating from the page you're currently editing:

Once you click "Open UiPath Assistant", the UiPath Assistant will prompt you to give access to the page. Accept the access request:

Configure the UiPath Process

Now that PixieBrix is connected to the UiPath assistant, you can select the UiPath process you want to run from the dropdown

Next, locate the input arguments for the process.

You can learn how to create/manage input arguments for process in the UiPath documentation: Managing Arguments

In the UiPath Assistant, select "Show process details" from the dropdown menu next to the process

The "Customize" section will show the names of the input parameters. For example, in the following screenshot, the input is called in_CaseNumber

In the PixieBrix block configuration, click "Add Property" to add an input argument. Paste in the name of the property, and enter an expression for the value. Repeat for each input you want to pass in

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