Reactivating Your Google Sheet Mods

You’ll need to reactivate mods that use the Google Sheet brick as of 1.8.0. Here are a list of common mods that are impacted:

  • AI Copilot

  • Knowledge Base Assist

  • Writing Assist

  • LinkedIn Message Templates

  • Scrape LinkedIn to Google Sheets

  • Detect Off Brand Word in Zendesk

  • Access Twitter Templates Stored in Google Sheets

  • Search Company Directory Sourced in Google Sheets

  • [Template] Smart Bookmarks

  • [Template] Snippet / Message Template Manager

  • Quick Access to FAQs Stored in Google Sheets

  • Helpful Responses to Angry Customers Stored in Google Sheets

  • Quick Bar page to Google Sheets

As of 1.8.0, we are migrating to the Google Drive integration instead of the standalone Google Sheet integration. This will offer improved functionality for your Google Sheets mods, but will require reactivation to continue using the mods.

Follow these instructions for reactivating your mods.

  1. Set up a Google Drive integration. Follow these docs for instructions.

  2. Go to the PixieBrix Extension Console. Go to and click Extension Console, or open the PixieBrix sidebar and click the gear icon in the top right.

  3. Search for the mod you want to reactivate.

  4. You should see an Update button next to the mod. Click Update to reactivate.

  1. Select the Google Integration you created in Step 1.

  2. Confirm the selected sheet is the one you want to use inside the mod If you already had a spreadsheet selected, By default, PixieBrix will set the previous spreadsheet that was set with the old integration. You can select another from the dropdown if you’d like.

  3. Click Activate in the top right. You’re now ready to use your mod!

Not working? Shoot an email to [email protected]. You can also get help in the PixieBrix Slack Community! If you’re experiencing any issues, we’re just a ping away.

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