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Release 1.6.0

Released to the Chrome Web Store on 4/27/2022

✨ Enhancements

  • Create and modify blueprints from the Page Editor
  • Warn users if they’re inputting a JSON string for the payload of the @pixiebrix/http brick (#3192)
  • New “top” target for running brick in the top-level frame of the window (#3200)
  • PixieBrix now suggests selectors relative to elements with id-like attributes, e.g., data-cy, data-test-id, etc. (#3161)
  • Support for including images in the sidebar and form description (#3256)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Page Editor Preview Panel not showing previews for non root-aware brick (#3219)
  • Fix appearance of the “Delete” button for installables on the Blueprints Screen (#3166)
  • Blueprints Screen slow to load for admins of large organizations (#3165)
  • Blueprints Screen not indicating which deployments are paused (#3174)