Release 1.4.7

Published in the Chrome Web Store 11/16/2021

✨ Enhancements

  • Enhanced support for setting radio button/checkbox values in (#1855)

  • Added attachMode directive to trigger extension which supports a watch mode for attaching the trigger to new elements as they are added to a page (#1920)

  • Improve click event simulation in @pixiebrix/dom/trigger-event (#1880)

  • Edit existing blueprints from the Page Editor (#1777)

🧱 New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/tour for showing a walkthrough/tour (#1859)

  • @pixiebrix/forms/autocomplete for attaching a typeahead/autocomplete to an input (#527)

🎨 User Interface Improvements

  • Group active marketplace bricks by team (#1852)

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