Add a Power BI chart to the Sidebar

  1. Add a new Sidebar Panel mod in the page editor, either using the premade document context panel or creating a new base sidebar panel.

  2. Add the PowerBI Dashboard brick to this mod.

  3. Copy the embed from your PowerBI report from outside the editor from file→embed report →website or portal, or in the editor from file→embed. Paste this url in the embedUrl field of the PowerBI Dashboard brick.

  4. The page should now be embeded into the new sidebar, or into one of the tabs if you have multiple sidebars.

  5. If you wish to have this display a specific page of the report copy the report section from the URL when inspecting that page in PowerBI (last part of the URL).

  1. If you wish to make a separate page in PowerBI that's better scaled to fit in the sidebar, right click the page at the bottom and click duplicate, then you can scale the page through format (paint roller below visualizations on the right) and click page size.

  2. To set a filter on the report to default to specific data (or use data on the page to choose what the default is), fill out the filter field with the wanted data/fields, starting with the table the data is from, a '/', the field, an operator (in, eq, and, lt etc), and finally a selector (number or string to filter for). Filters are formatted as: "tableName/field operator selector" or "tableName/field in (selectorOne,selectorTwo,...)" and are case sensitive. Filters can use the operator and to have multiple conditions, or the operator in to use a list of comma separated selectors. Operators and examples from


  • Be sure that the pageName is the report section (including the text "reportsection") and not the name of the page

  • Filters require very specific formatting, the external documentation below contains many examples to work from.

PowerBI filter external documentation

Power BI RL Filters Tips

Filter a report using query string parameters in the URL - Power BI

Embed a report in a secure portal or website - Power BI

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