[LEGACY] Configure Google Sheets Integration

PixieBrix integrates with Google Sheets, allowing you to reference data from a Google Sheet and send data TO a Google Sheet.

It can be helpful to use a Google Sheet as an easily editable database that can be referenced from anywhere on the web. It’s also a great way to store info you come across, such as links or notes.

To use mods that search or create data in Google Sheet, you must set up an integration. Unlike many of our other integrations, you don’t have to find an API key to integrate. You can simply use our GUI (graphical user interface) to connect your account and selecting a sheet.

You’ll need to create an integration for each Google Sheet. At the moment, Google Sheet integration is only supported in the Extension Console and unable to be shared with a team.

Add the Integration

To create an integration for a sheet that your whole team can access in mods, use the Team Integrations, accessed via the Extension Console. Click the PixieBrix chrome extension in your Chrome extension panel to access.

Select Integration from the Left Sidenav. Click the +Add Integration button in the top right corner.

Type Google Sheets and select the +Configure button that appears when hovering over the option.

Set a label for the integration. The best practice is to name it the same as the Google Sheet and perhaps the user who added the integration, e.g. Resources - Britt although this is entirely optional, and you can name the field anything you’d like.

Next, click the Select button on the Google Sheet ID field. This opens a modal that prompts you to connect your Google account, and then returns a list of spreadsheets associated with the connected account. Select the desired spreadsheet you want to connect to PixieBrix and then click Select.

Click Save in the bottom right corner, and you can now reference the Sheet in your mods!

Note that you will likely need to reference the name of a tab when configuring a mod, even if there is only one tab in the Google Sheet.

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