Building Interfaces

Often you'll want to display content that is produced when your mod runs. There are a handful of ways to do that!

Bricks for rendering content

You also might be interested in these, although they'll typically only be used in one of the bricks above.

If you're interested in learning more about how each of these works, click the names above to read the docs and dive into more detail about how they're used and what you can customize.

Using the Display Temporary Information brick

When building mods, you'll usually find yourself using the Display Temporary Information brick. This is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) rendering brick and is the one most commonly used because it runs an action and opens a Sidebar to display the results of that action (without leaving it permanently in your Sidebar).

You can customize what's displayed in the sidebar content, including setting user input with forms, displaying text, and adding buttons that trigger events.

Something like this!

When configuring the Display Temporary Information brick, you'll choose the title at the top, choose the format to display it in and determine when it refreshes. For instance, you might choose the statechange refreshTrigger if you want to update the content whenever a form is filled out or if something else changes on the page, updating the state. To learn more about working with state changes, read the Page State docs.

Keep reading to learn more about interacting with and customizing Display Temporary Information or Render Document bricks.

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