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Does the PixieBrix API Gateway support a fixed outgoing IP address?

The API Gateway supports a load-balanced pair of fixed outgoing IP addresses. If one IP fails, traffic will automatically route through the second IP with health checks and automated failover:

Contact PixieBrix support ([email protected]) to enable the static IP feature for your integration.

Does the PixieBrix API Gateway store any request information?

The API Gateway stores request metadata for billing and Application Security Management purposes. The API Gateway does not store or log any request information.

Does the PixieBrix API Gateway have a request timeout?

The API Gateway has a request timeout of 25 seconds.

What redirect URL does PixieBrix use for OAuth2 authentication?

PixieBrix uses Chrome's identity APIs for OAuth2 authentication. The redirect URL has the form: https://<app-id>*.

For the PixieBrix Browser Extension in the Chrome Web Store, the URL is:

  • Main Channel:*

  • Beta Channel:*

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