By integrating PixieBrix and Zapier, you can trigger actions in thousands of applications, on-demand, from your browser.

Unlike the Zapier Browser Extension, which sends the page URL and supports manual text entry, with PixieBrix, you can configure triggers that automatically pass information from the page to the Zap.

Creating a PixieBrix Zap

To create a Zap with a PixieBrix trigger, find the PixieBrix (1.1.0) App

Select the "New Push With Data" Trigger Event

Connecting your Zapier account

The PixieBrix/Zapier integration works in the opposite direction compared to other integrations with PIxieBrix. For Zapier, you'll enter a PixieBrix key into Zapier so that Zapier can register zaps with PixieBrix

Copying your Zapier API key

  1. Open the PixieBrix Extension (visit and click "Open Browser Extension")

  2. Open the Configure Services page from the Sidebar, find the Zapier row, and click "View Key"

  1. Copy your key by clicking the copy button

Entering your Zapier API Key in Zapier

There are a couple screens where you can enter the key:

  1. The "My apps" screen (see the Zapier documentation)

  2. When configuring a Zap that uses the PixieBrix "New Push With Data" trigger

When configuring a Zap that uses the PixieBrix "New Push with Data Trigger", Zapier will prompt you to "Sign in to PixieBrix (1.1.0)".

Click the "Sign in to PixieBrix (1.1.0)" button, and paste the API Key that you copied from PixieBrix. Then click "Yes, Continue"

Configuring the Trigger Fields

  • Zap Identifier: A unique name to identify this Zap in PixieBrix. The name will be shown in the Zap dropdown when configuring a "Push data to Zapier" effect.

    ⚠️ The Zap Identifier you choose cannot be re-used across multiple Zaps

  • Field Names (Optional): one or more field names for information to pass from PixieBrix. The Field Names you enter here will be made available in the PixieBrix Page Editor when configuring the "Push to data Zapier" effect

Triggering the Zap from PixieBrix

To trigger your Zap from PixieBrix, attach the "Push data to Zapier" block

You'll need to set up a Zapier configuration

Select your Zap from the Zap dropdown. PixieBrix will automatically show the fields that you've configured for the Zap Trigger. You can pass data to the block just like any other block in PixieBrix.

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