To use mods that search or create data in Pipedrive, you must set up a Pipedrive Integration. All you need to do is find your Pipedrive API key.

Finding your Pipedrive API key

When logged into Pipedrive, click your profile avatar in the top right corner, then select Tools and integrations.

Click Settings at the top of the menu on the left side.

If you’ve already created an API key, you’ll see a field with a button to copy the key.

If you haven’t created an API key, click Generate new token then copy the newly generated key to your clipboard.

Configuring a Pipedrive Integration in PixieBrix

To set up a cloud integration that your team can access, head to the Admin Console. (If you'd rather set up something locally, use the Extension Console. Learn more about Configuring Integrations.)

From the Integrations section in the Admin or Extension Console, click the + Add Integration button in the top right corner.

Search for and select the Pipedrive integration.

Name your integration anything you’d like, and paste the API key you copied from Pipedrive into the apiToken field.

If you’d like, you can specify a subdomain if there are multiple accounts under that API key, or you can leave this blank.

Click Save, and your integration will be ready for use in any Pipedrive mods!

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