Release 1.5.7

Published to Chrome Web Store on March 16, 2022

✨ Enhancements

  • Provide multiple URL match patterns in the Page Editor (#2921)

  • Ability to pass in an array of options in the Form Builder (#2915)

  • Ability to customize dropdown option labels in the Form Builder (#2915)

  • Add support for description list (DL) elements in the Table Readers (#2876)

  • Configure keydown and keyup triggers in the Page Editor (#2950)

  • Support for debouncing triggers (#2951)

🎨 User Experience

  • Improve display of errors in the Page Editor Output Panel (#2860)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix misleading connection lost error notification if target tab closed during multi-page automation (#2917)

🧱 New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/parse/json brick to parse JSON (#2948)

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