Making an API Request


To authenticate with the REST API, provide an Authorization header with the token for the user, where β€œYOURTOKEN” is the token for your Service Accounts:

Authorization: Token YOURTOKEN


The PixieBrix API is versioned using the Accept header. We follow Semver and will increment the major version on any backward incompatible changes.

The latest version of the API is version=2.0:

Accept: "application/json; version=2.0"


The PixieBrix API accepts and responds with JSON. However, certain endpoints can also return other formats (notably, CSV). Refer to the OpenAPI specification for which content types a given endpoint supports

To control the response format, vary the mime type in the Accept header:

Accept: "application/json; version=2.0"
Accept: "text/csv; version=2.0"


Pagination information is included in responses via the Link header. See for more detailed information.

Most languages have library support for working with Link headers:

The response also includes a X-Total-Count header which exposes the total number of records across all pages.

You can request a specific page using the page query param. For example:


You can control the page size using the page_size query parameter. For example:



The API endpoints are throttled on a per-token basis to prevent abuse. If you make too many requests within a given minute, the server will respond with 429 Too many requests

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