Inviting Members

Select Members from the Admin Console

You can access the Admin Console at Make sure the desired team is selected at the top.

Click Members on the left side nav.

Invite and assign a role

Click the Invite button in the top right, then input the new teammate's email addresses, assign roles, and click Invite Team Members.

You can change a member's role later if needed. Learn more about Roles.

Add more or click Invite Team Members

You can add more by clicking the Add Invite button below the input fields.

Once you've added as many members as you'd like click the Invite Team Members Button.

Automatic Team Enrollment / Domain Capture

Domain capture is only available on the Enterprise plan.

PixieBrix can be configured to automatically associate users with a given email domain(s) with your team. Team members can automatically added with one of two roles:

  • Member

  • Restricted

To enable automatic enrollment for your organization, contact [email protected]

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