Google Workspace Policy

Setting the Install Policy via the Google Admin Console

You can use the Google Admin Console to install the PixieBrix Chrome Browser Extension on all managed accounts, or allow installing it if extensions are blocked in your organization by default.

In the Google Admin console, the page used for configuring extensions is under Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > User & Browsers

Select the Organization Unit to apply the policy

Click the yellow + button in the bottom right to add an extension, and click “Add Chrome App or Extension by ID”:

Enter the PixieBrix Chrome Web Store Extension ID mpjjildhmpddojocokjkgmlkkkfjnepo and click Save to add PixieBrix

  • Force install + pin to browser toolbar

  • Force install

  • Allow install

After saving, the extension will be installed for any accounts set to have it installed if you chose to Force install.

Browser Extension Version Pinning

To pin a force install the PixieBrix Browser Extension to a current/historic version, see the Pin Chrome app or extension updates documentation

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