🚫Release 1.7.37

This release contains a regression, and will not be published

✨ Enhancements

  • New Mod Launcher tab in the Sidebar

    • Can close and reopen tabs. Closed tabs remain closed on all tabs until reopened with the Mod Launcher. (#6161)

    • Sidebar forms can be closed by clicking the x button in the tab. Removed the Cancel button from all sidebar forms. (#6167)

    • Make Mod Activation Panel closable (#6271)

  • Automatic refresh token support for MS Azure and other integrations (#6284)

  • Page Editor Improvements

    • Clicking on a Document Renderer Header Node in the Brick Actions Panel focuses the related Document Builder Preview Element in the Data Panel (#6211)

    • Clicking on a Document Builder Preview Element in the Data Panel scrolls the Brick Actions Panel to the relevant Header Node (#6228)

    • Clicking on a child node in the Brick Actions Panel updates the styling to make it more clear which node has been focused (#6229)

    • Moved margin and padding drop-downs to the new Advanced: Layout section of the Brick Configuration Panel (#6093)

  • Updated marked dependency to latest β€” markdown renderer no longer adds ids to heading tags, and the mailto in email links is no longer mangled. Email links in markdown will now open the user’s default mail client (#6264)

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar from sidebar when rendering large iframes (#6289)

  • Clearing a property in the Extract from Page brick no longer throws an error (#6275)

🧱 New/Updated Bricks

  • Map/Transform Values: synchronously or asynchronously map values

  • Split/Chunk Text: split text into overlapping chunks

  • Convert Document: convert between HTML/Markdown/Text

  • Search Text: search for all occurrences of a word/phrase in text. Supports stemming

  • Highlight Text: add support for case-insensitive matches and matching across HTML elements

  • Emit a Custom Event: replaced eventName textbox with a creatable dropdown. Users can select an existing custom event or create a new one (#6286)

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